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Meet the Cyber Divers

Cyber Divers

A dedicated group of professionals
working hard to bring diversity to tech
through early S.T.E.M education programs
and community outreach.

Tech jobs are growing faster than ever!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tech jobs are expected to grow faster than the average of all occupations with about 557,000 new jobs added by 2026.

  • Web Development
  • UI/UX
  • Cyber Security
  • Video Game Programmer
  • These are just a few among a large number of fast growing high-paying jobs in tech.


Increase interest in STEM

Yes! Jobs in STEM should absolutely be an option for all. Kids need to be exposed to the ideas and concepts that can spark their interest in technology early on.

Teach kids to code

We want kids to know that they can become successful professionals in this field and develop apps, games, and websites, RIGHT NOW!

Create opprotunities

Utilizing our network of professionals, we aim to build lasting relationships between students and our partners.

Make tech fun

Technology is fun! Kids already know how fun online games are to play. Now it's time to show them how fun they are to create!


Many children from under-represented groups are not exposed to STEM careers at a young enough age to incorporate it into their dreams and aspirations as an adult.

Cyber Divers uses interactive classrooms to introduce disadvantaged kids to the skills needed to become strong developers and programmers. And we bring the relevance and fun!

With most of these students lacking any access to personal computers or the internet at home, it is absolutely essential that we provide them with the tools and spaces necessary to learn and build on their developing skills.


All children need exposure to computer science, STEM, and other technology, before graduating from high school, in order for more of them to have the acumen and interest to pursue careers in technology.

We provide the hands on learning and individual attention needed for them to have a successful foundation to continue to progress and grow in their learning.


Cyber Divers fills a critical need in the communities we serve, helping train and prepare the next generation for high-paying jobs.

By 2024, there will be a 27% job growth in technology in the USA, the majority of which will go unfilled by American citizens, unless we increase and improve upon our current pipeline for transitioning our students into these roles.

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds lack an interest in STEM feilds due to a lack of an early introduction to jobs in tech and seeing themselves represented by professionals in these feilds. We sovle this by pairing them with relatable instructors and professionals who come from similar backgrounds and neighborhoods.

Become a Partner

Our partners help us sustain our programs which make a direct impact on children's lives.

A partnership with our organization offers:

  • Meaningful opportunities for employee engagement
  • Logo representation on our website to show the community that your company is dedicated to the advancement of youth
  • Special invitations to charitable fundraiser events

Contact us to learn about how your organization can become a corporate partner and start making a difference in kids’ lives.

We are 501(c)(3) certified for tax purposes.

Our Team


Ms. Mathuthu

Executive Director

Mr. Brinkley

Head of Technology

Cyber Divers

A dedicated group of professionals working hard to bring diversity to tech through early S.T.E.M education programs and community outreach.

7715 Crittenden St, Suite 361
Philadelphia, Pa 19118


+1 917-727-6363

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